FAQ #1: What makes Planet27Music different?

For starters, I don’t know what’s on the radio right now or what songs are in the top 40. If my wife, kids, or the intern in the office isn’t singing or talking about a song, I probably won’t know much about it.  Sure, this can be a disadvantage in some cases.  Luckily, I’m not a Music Supervisor.

From a purely creative perspective, I feel it allows me to stay as true and organic as possible, when it comes to my authentic sound as a composer and beat maker. Yes, there are days or even weeks where I fully immerse myself into the discovery of new music. The are few things on earth that are as inspiring then finding that new song that really moves you as a human being.

The Planet27Music catalog is a mashup of my early influences from old school hip hop beats, reggae, jazz, to chillout, experimental, and feel good sub-genres of modern electronic music. I am a student of the power of emotion through music and I strive to bring that out in every beat I make.

FAQ #2: Do you create custom music?

Yes.  My online music portfolio is meant to give you a jump start to finding the perfect background music for your project. If you need custom electronic or hip hop tracks, send me a creative brief or contact me so we can discuss your project and take your great idea to the next level with the right music. I’m happy to help!

FAQ #3: Are all of your songs licensed royalty-free?

Only a portion of my catalog is available royalty-free.  I’ve created a special list of songs that can be licensed for royalty free use and continue to add new music to it all of the time. You can find this catalog here. The rest of my catalog is licensed by traditional means for com­mer­cial use through my com­pany, Planet27Music, with the excep­tion of my part­ner­ships with (BCP) Black Cloud Pro­duc­tions and Music of The Sea who exclu­sively rep­re­sent and license select songs.

FAQ #4: Why are your songs available for free downloads?

As you may know, most Music Supervisor’s and Media Professionals will have 2-3 song ideas for a scene or project. This shows that they have researched and considered multiple possibilities. It also gives them options just incase they cannot acquire the license to use a certain song (like that temp track that everyone loves). Beyond that, songs are cut from projects all the time (even at the last moment).

I felt it was necessary to offer a bonus catalog of songs available as free downloads to make auditioning music that much easier.  You can come back and license the song when you’re ready!

FAQ #5: How do I find music on your site?

I’ve categorized my entire catalog by genre, mood, instrument, BPM, type of use, and tagged each song with relevant key words, each cross-linked with similar songs so you are always presented with new musical ideas.

FAQ #6: I found the music that I want to use, how do I pay for it?

Simply add the music to your cart, select the versions that you want to download, choose the appropriate license, and then follow the check out prompts.  You will be given instant access to download the track in MP3 format (email me if you need a copy in wav or any other format).

FAQ #7: Can I license exclusive rights to a song?

All of the songs found on Planet27Music are pitched to music supervisors and media professionals from around the globe, so it’s not always possible to allow exclusive rights. If you are doing a soft drink commercial for example, then yes, the music will be exclusive to your campaign and no other soft drink provider will be able to use the song in their marketing efforts. need exclusive rights to a song, please inquire.

FAQ #8: Is Planet27Music looking for new composers?

No, not at the moment. In the future, I will be expanding Planet27Music into a marketplace to allow other composers to sell their music. I expect this to be in the near future so please reach out to me if you want to contribute to the marketplace.

Please be sure to read the about us, licensing, and pricing pages for more detailed information.

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