Music for Global Healing & Spiritual Awareness

Welcome! My name is Phil, also known as ANAAMALY. I create high vibrational sound meditations to help you anchor into the earth and ride the cosmic waves. I’ve been fortunate to touch the lives of 1,000’s of beautiful souls all over the world through video, streaming, and social media

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Phil Strickland, professionally known as Anaamaly, is an award-winning Ambient New Age recording artist, composer, and sound healer based in Phoenix, Arizona.  His music is created with the specific intention to heal and enlighten and can be heard around the globe on Spotify, Pandora, Apple Music, US and international airlines, overhead music channels, and radio programs like One World Music Radio, Sleep Radio, Radio PLENTITUDE, Calm Radio, and Journeyscapes. Anaamaly’s latest project, Fields of Light, released on the Heart Dance Records label, provides an hour long ambient journey into the healing realms of 432 Hz.

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I’m a huge fan of Bandcamp and love the format and flexibility it offers. Literally all of the sound meditations that I release will be found on Bandcamp before they are found on major services like iTunes or Spotify.

"An album created from truth and unconditional love"

~Steve Sheppard / One World Music Radio

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"A Masterpiece of Zen"

~Dyan Garris /

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"Amazingly sophisticated electronic new age."

~Mike G. / Ambient Music Guide

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"Deeply relaxing electronic album"

~Candice Michelle / Journeyscapes Radio

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"Urban Metta will soon become a firm favourite"

~Janet Mawdesley / Blue Wolf Reviews

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