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Elevate Your Vibration

Frequency & Music to elevate your vibration and stimulate healing

Violet Flame Meditation (432 Hz)

“Violet Flame Meditation” was recorded on August 15th 2019 during the Full Moon in Aquarius to transmute planetary energy.

Blue Magic (432 Hz)

“Blue Magic” is infused with the high vibrational healing powers of Blue Kyanite. Creating a calming yet energizing and uplifting affect.

Patience (528 Hz)

“Patience” was channeled through the heart chakra and gives voice to our universal language of love.

Mystic Dreamer (528 Hz)

“Mystic Dreamer” was designed specifically to help you drift peacefully into a deep restorative sleep. Produced in 528 Hz  

Atlantean Bloodlines (528 Hz)

“Atlantean Bloodlines” is produced in 528 Hz with the intention of repairing and activating your DNA. 

Unconditional (528 Hz)

“Unconditional” was channeled through the heart chakra with the intention of helping you connect with Source Love. 

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Weekly Sound Meditations

Welcome! My name is Phil, also known as ANAAMALY. I create sound meditations to help you anchor into the earth and ride the cosmic waves. 

I’ve been fortunate to touch the lives of 1,000’s of beautiful souls through video, streaming, & social

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Newest Video: Violet Flame Meditation (432 Hz)
Ambient Zen Best of Anaamaly Spotify Playlist
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Bandcamp Music Catalog

I’m a huge fan of Bandcamp and love the format and flexibility it offers. Literally all of the sound meditations that I release will be found on Bandcamp before they are available on major services like iTunes or Spotify.