3 Ways to Appreciate Sacred Geometry in Your Life

3 Ways to Appreciate Sacred Geometry in Your Life_Flower of Life_Planet27Music.jpg

One walk in nature can reveal dozens of examples of sacred geometry. From the shell on a snail’s back to the pattern in a leaf to the way the sun’s rays are reflected off of water, sacred geometry is everywhere.

These patterns that show up all over the universe are reminders of our interconnectedness. Every part of creation is made from a sacred blueprint, one that is revealed through the beauty of the geometric principles that underly everything.

When you allow yourself to become aware of the sacred geometry that surrounds you, you experience a sense of peace and clarity, knowing that we are all connected and that we are all made from the same design.

Below are three ways to begin to notice the sacred geometry that shows up in your daily life.

  1. Notice the beauty of a flower. Flowers are great representations of sacred geometry. Everything from their petals to their center demonstrate a pattern. Taking time to appreciate these patterns can give you a glimpse into the world of sacred geometry.
  2. Make a ripple in water. The next time you are around a body of water, whether a swimming pool, a puddle, or the ocean, throw in a small pebble and watch the ripple pattern that occurs. This ripple is just another example of the constant energetic vibrations that surround us all of the time, making constant patterns all throughout the universe.
  3. Examine the animals you come across. From the scales on a snake to the symmetry of a cat’s face, you will find sacred geometry in all living things – including humans.

When you stop to appreciate the patterns you see in day-to-day life, you are reminded of the beauty of creation and that you, along with everyone else you meet, are an important piece of that creation.

How do you appreciate sacred geometry in your life?

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