Fields of Light

Featuring 9 meditative soundscapes based on the healing frequency of 432 Hz, the harmonic tone of nature. Recorded with tuning forks to capture the purest sound possible.

Healing music in 432 Hz
Fields of Light by ANAAMALY

Fields of Light features:

  • Hi-fidelity stereo mastering

  • Healing music in 432 Hz 

  • Full immersive experience

  • Binaural elements

  • Deep grounding bass 

  • Floating atmospheric pads 

  • Calming rain and water elements

  • Pure tuning-fork frequencies 

  • Healing sounds of nature 

  • Plenty of space for you 🙂

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1: Centering Meditation (7:34)
2: Morning Air (6:43)
3: A Peaceful Drift (7:33)
4: Cosmic Waters (8:11)
5: Experiencing Self (7:03)
6: Crossing the Current (7:17)
7: A Higher Resonance (6:58)
8: Evening Air (7:10)
9: Heart Opening Meditation (7:17)

Purchase & Streaming Options

Fields of Light is available for digital download, streaming, and compact disc (CD) from most major download services.  Released by Heart Dance Records.

Professional Music Reviews

I’m humbled by the feedback received from fans, radio host, music reviewers, and professional healers and teachers all over the world. Here are just a few of those reviews listed below. Click here to read them all.

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Amazingly sophisticated electronic new age by a guy who’s never worked in the new age genre before. American Phil Strickland usually makes trip hop and chilled breaks, as well as running a music licensing company for film and multimedia. As Anaamaly, he created his Urban Metta album as “a collection of spiritually moving, instrumental soundscapes for deep sleep, relaxation, yoga, and

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NewAgeCD: Review of Urban Metta, Vol. 1

At first glance or listen, one might perceive the album, “Urban Metta, Volume 1,” by Anaamaly (otherwise known as Phoenix based recording artist, Phil Strickland), as “just another New Age relaxation album.” Far from it. Reminiscent of Steven Halpern’s sound healing work, here in “Urban Metta, Volume 1,” we have this same kind of multi-dimensional

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