One World Music Radio: Review of Urban Metta, Vol. 2


I firmly believe that music will come into your life when you most need it, and after enjoying the sonic bath of Anaamaly’s last release Urban Metta Vol 1, we now enter a new and inspiring realm of Urban Metta Vol 2.

Only yesterday I made a personal breakthrough about a state of mind that had been troubling me for years, and now I feel fully ready to embrace each and every loving track upon this album, with an open heart and a lightness of spirit.

So let’s start this most profound journey through music, with a look at track one, and how appropriately entitled, I Am Ready to Forgive. The person who we always seem to leave last on the forgiveness list is ourselves, so let’s embrace that now; our path is made easy through the smooth and caring tones of this absolutely beautiful piece. The long languid ultimate healing process begins here with such a delicate softness on keyboards, so just let go, and enjoy.

After letting go and releasing that forgiveness, we now allow ourselves the energy of new growth through the ambient bliss of I Am Inspired by Possibility. This is a real open door of new realms to explore; a lush but perfect bass is mixed with consummate ease, with warm synth pads that create a cocoon of unlimited prospects.

Each and every day we wake from our slumbers, and begin the process of creation; from the moment we swing our legs from the mattress, we assume the role of co-creators in our universe, by our very actions. On I Am a Co- Creator, we have the soundtrack to that moment. I found this opus fascinating, there is a certain crackling of energy that seems to be manifesting here, a gentle bass sound that creates a distinct warmth, and a lightness on keyboards that seems to literally float around us in a dimension of infinite possibilities, perhaps even yet to form.

We now move to a track of both realisation and acceptance, it is called I Am Light and Love. This intrigued me, yes this is ambience personified, but I also sense a certain playfulness here as well, that is so appealing. The higher resonation of tone here would be a perfect healing opportunity for us all to take advantage of.

I Am a Reflection of You is now upon us. We seem to have floated into a higher realm where a gentleness of the pads manifests an almost angelic presence within our surroundings. The strings and distant vocalisations lift’s our souls into a place of complete peace, in this ultra-inspiring composition of great harmony and balance.

We now edge across the half way marker and come across a track entitled I Am Fully Present. Once more we have an opportunity to embrace acceptance through this offering. The keyboards here seem to deliver a tidal effect of music, in a style similar to Eno on the release Discreet Music. The relentless and eternal energy of the synths here move to and fro, like an ocean dancing upon a full moon.

We now drift on the edge of infinity, as we touch the hem of the next arrangement called, I Remember My Purpose. I found this an incredibly empowering piece; the dramatic keyboards here raise the energy, but are not out of sync with the overall essence of positive manifestation thus far created by this stunning album. This for me is a track of realisation; a piece that one could perhaps say is a light bulb moment within music.

On I Give My Truth, we have an ambient back drop of soft rain falling, Tibetan Bowls chime with the timbre of truth and a reverberation of honesty. This is a musical offering of sincerity and candour. One can feel the safety and security of the planet, as we secure ourselves in alignment with the earth and state our truths. The deepness of this offering is immense and all encompassing.

We are now deep within the weave of the release and nearing the final corner of our musical voyage of self-discovery and awareness, as we do so, we come across another very empowering composition called I Affirm That All Is Good. Listen very carefully for the distant vocalisations, which once more give us energy of the protective angelic realms that are around us now. The bass here has a depth rarely found in musical offerings these days, and allows the arrangement to expand and grow with ease.

As we continue on our sojourn, we note that we have arrived at the penultimate piece off the release; this portal of ambient perfection is called I Radiate Healing Energy. The melodious tones gift us a dimension of musical delight, one that within the mists of tranquillity, we can release our own healing to all that need it, in the name of unconditional love. The synths here create a wondrous realm of musical healing rain for us all to bathe in.

Our last, but not least offering is called I Have All That I Need, and for me is a piece of acceptance, awareness and the confidence of knowing. The keyboards here manifest a reality of oneness with all things, the swirling nature of this composition on my headphones is amazing to listen to and partake in; the slight elevation in energy here is the perfect way to leave an album of this nature.

Anaamaly has brought into our world another album that speaks directly to our hearts and affirms the truths we already knew, but were afraid to accept; now with a release of this nature, that acceptance can be completed with a happy smile of confidence. Fans of the new age meditational styles of music will lap this album up, but this is a release that is beyond beauty. If you require a little sanctuary of peace in your life, an oasis of serenity and calm, then Urban Metta Vol 2 would be the perfect album to take with you on that tour of inner reflection.

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