urban metta vol 1

Meridiana Airlines Adds Urban Metta, Vol. 1 to Flight Playlists

I just received word that Meridiana Airlines has added Urban Metta, Vol. 1 to their in-flight playlists. So if you’re flying to Ibiza, Olbia, New York, Naples, Milan, Catania, Munich, or Palermo, tune into their relaxation and meditation playlists to add a little extra zen to your flight. THANK YOU, Meridiana! I’m honored to be […]

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Singapore Airlines Adds Urban Metta, Vol. 1 to Flight Playlists

I’m very happy to announce that Singapore Airlines has added 2 soundscapes from Urban Metta, Vol. 1 to their in-flight music playlists. During the month of June, you can hear “I Stand in My Own Power” and “I Am Surrounded by Abundance” on Singapore Airlines’ meditation and relaxation stations. THANK YOU, Singapore Airlines! I’m honored to […]

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New Age Music Reviews: Urban Metta, Vol. 1

Phil Strickland is a Phoenix-based recording artist who records under the pseudonym, Anaamaly.  In the video provided, the artist introduces his new album Urban Metta Vol. 1. He came from a different genre as indicated by the title however what he does is take all of his knowledge and influences from a different world and creates another. His […]

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NewAgeCD: Review of Urban Metta, Vol. 1

“A Masterpiece of Zen” At first glance or listen, one might perceive the album, “Urban Metta, Volume 1,” by Anaamaly (otherwise known as Phoenix based recording artist, Phil Strickland), as “just another New Age relaxation album.” Far from it. Reminiscent of Steven Halpern’s sound healing work, here in “Urban Metta, Volume 1,” we have this […]

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