Not enough words to express the joy I feel

Every time I tune in to any of his creations I get chills all over my body and teary eyes – to me having that physical reaction not only denotes a deep resonance but a confirmation that light is being activated within my being and that a reconfiguration and an upgrade in my dna is taking place. Not only do I listen once, but several times whenever I feel called to and each time I can feel and even see how deeper energetic levels are reached and brought forth to my consciousness and embodiment.
The intention of his creations are truly felt and well received with an open heart.

Not enough words to express the joy I feel because of this but a big Thank You for being here raising the vibrations through your creative channelings, and a huge beam of light of gratitude sent your way Anaamaly.

Namaste 🌟🙏🌟

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