Urban Metta, Vol. 2

The URBAN METTA EXPERIENCE continues with an extra-dimensional journey of love, acceptance, forgiveness, truth, awareness, and self-empowerment.

Urban Metta, Vol. 2 CD Artwork
Urban Metta, Vol. 2 by ANAAMALY


Urban Metta, Vol. 2 features:

  • Hi-fidelity stereo mastering 

  • SUBPAC Ready

  • Full immersive experience

  • Binaural elements

  • Deep grounding bass 

  • Floating atmospheric pads 

  • Calming rain and water elements

  • Empowering affirmations 

  • Healing sounds of nature 

  • Plenty of space for you 🙂

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1: I Am Ready to Forgive (4:44)

soft reflective pads slowly drift, blending perfectly with an array of high vibrational sounds. Perfect for day-dreaming and being at peace with all that is. Release…

2: I Am Inspired by Possibility (6:35)

heavy rain, soft round bass merge with warm pads and bell like mallets, providing the perfect backdrop to your moment of full awareness. Imagine…

3: I Am a Co-Creator (5:55)

grounding bass, floating pads, rain, and electric circuitry combine to form a planetary and cosmic experience. Recharge your spiritual batteries. Receive…

4: I Am Light & Love (6:25)

peaceful and playful ambience that heals the spirit each time you hear it. Drift away with ocean waves, soft mallets, and chimes that breathe mindfulness into your present moment. Unwind…

5: I Am a Reflection of You (6:37)

angelic pads and strings sway over grounding bass and healing elements that steadily unfold. With each breath, you rise above the murkiness of your mind and allow your senses to become unaware of your surroundings. Accept…

6: I Am Fully Present (5:55)

peaceful and spacious palette of sounds that leave plenty of room for you to let your thoughts gather or disappear into the ether. Ocean waves and grounding synths create this calm abode. Smile…

7: I Remember My Purpose (6:09)

expansive, refreshing, and light. A heart felt sonic oasis of soft rain, ocean waves, emotional pads, and calls from the wild that communicate a message of truth and spiritual healing. Renew…

8: I Give My Truth (6:35)

an ambience of rain drops, Tibetan bowls, warm pads and bass create a slow healing vibe that anchors you into the energy of the earth, allowing your mind to calm and thoughts to dissipate. Ground…

9: I Affirm All That Is Good (6:41)

distant vocals, warm and bright choir and angelic pads create nourishing energy while soft stereo rain and deep bass help to ground and heal you. No anticipation or expectations, just be and enjoy the moment. Awaken…

10: I Radiate Healing Energy (6:41)

a perfect ensemble of pads, grounding bass, chanting, and elements of nature that embody the sound and vibrations of compassion, healing, and love for all beings. Refresh…

11: I Have All That I Need (6:09)

elements of water and ocean life combine with emotive strings, piano, and grounding bass to create a peaceful floating oasis for deep self-introspection. Soar…


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